OUR STORY 2008 - 2023

FRCA TimeLine

The Freedom Road band release a single to raise funds for the Milton Margai School for the Blind in Freetown Sierra Leone, who visited Hull as part of the Wilberforce Bicentenary Celebration. 

As a result The Freedom Road Creative Arts project was launched.

Freedom Road Creative Arts become a registered charity and perform at the International Looking After Children Conference at Oxford University.

FRCA fly to Australia to perform at the Create Foundation’s inaugural Youth Summit in Sydney.

FRCA are awarded their first grant from Children in Need to run for three years. 

FRCA has its Summer School, including the charity facilitating the Youth Stage at the very first Tribfest. 

FRCA win the inaugural Youth Division Rock Challenge at Hull New Theatre and facilitate the youth stage at the very first Humber Street Sesh.

FRCA wins the Youth Division Rock Challenge for the second year running and partners up with the Rights and Participation Project to set up the Listen Up Project in several secondary schools. 

FRCA secure their second Children in Need grant, this time for £83k. 

FRCA launch a partnership with ARAFEST, which takes place in Leven to raise funds for FRCA.

The first Let’s Rock takes place at Brid Spa in partnership with Remarkable Arts, and FRCA win the Youth Division of Rock Challenge for the third time.

Another Children in Need grant is secured, this time for £84k.

Busiest year ever with Let’s Rock, Rock Challenge, Cottingham Springboard, Hedfest, Humber Street Sesh, Tribfest, the Summer School and the Freedom Fringe Festival happening all in one summer.

FRCA secure a two-year Youth Music Grant. FRCA musicians release their debut singles: Walking Primrose with Jumpstart and Kaomi, and Sam and Ethan’s “This is Who I Am”, which became the backdrop to the Creative Voice festival. 

FRCA forges a partnership with the Hull Music Service at the Albermarle Music Centre. 

Tutors Lisa and Liam move on to concentrate on their young family having both been a massive part of FRCA for many years - thank you!

As Covid hit, FRCA reverted to online provision with a load of new projects to keep young people engaged. Music videos, West Hull Radio FM, Podcast Corner and of course Vegan Cooking with Lucy. Plus an interim Children in Need grant for £30k to tide us over. 

Dance tutor Holly moves on to her new full-time position at school and we thank her for all her time at FRCA!

Joining us are Molly and Jack Brown as new tutors and pastoral support.

Yes! Another Children in Need three-year grant, this time for £112k. 

Through the Community Spaces programme, FRCA move into a vacant unit in the Prospect Shopping Centre in Hull. 

In doing so FRCA have developed a recording studio and a podcast suite from which we have been able to develop further the projects that we launched during lockdown. 

FRCA celebrates its 15-year anniversary and we start with the first Let’s Rock at Brid Spa post-Covid. 

A new FRCA Collective with a host of new faces performing at it. 

The music lessons are increasingly busy with new tutors Simon (drums) and Èva (dance). We are at full capacity once more!

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